About DPST Inkyfinga


This is the Principal’s blog, on educational matters that interest her, the teachers and the students. This blog began as a site for students to post their writings. Now, however, they have their own class blogs. So I am reclaiming this space. This is not a site for personal grumbling or complaints about school life. This blog is meant to be moving forward.  It will post ideas that help us all, learners, teachers and parents, to grow with time.

Why Inkyfinga? Harks back to my school days…those of us who wrote often, had visible ‘inky finger’ syndrome from the fountain pens we prized so dearly. So, Inky finger’s blog is meant for thinking and writing, or less formally, for musing and ‘scribbling’.

The categories for this blog are Teaching and Learning. They overlap, as both concern teachers/parents as well as students, in varying degrees. My second blog is at Sanjukta.org where the content is more academic in nature. Those who follow my  Inkyfinga Blog here may also follow DPS Tapi on Twitter for direct updates on new posts.