InkyFinga LitClub: First Issue Nov-2021

Dear Readers

I feel great pride and pleasure in posting the very first Issue of InkyFinga LitClub Periodical, the literary magazine of DPS Tapi InkyFinga LitClub.

DPS Tapi InkyFinga LitClub Periodical: issue-2: Haiga

The Dawn Paparazzis

The blue sky is red
Burning in flames is our sun
The clouds racing home

All those men ready
to capture the winsome dawn
With their shutters. CLICK! 

Don't you worry son,
those all were paparazzi
chasing down the dawn

Fleeting Memories

So before you read lemme give you a bit of context of the poem. This poem reminisces the past two years of my life. This was written in January, so I’ve cited the third wave. I hope you like this poem 🙂

Oh it’s 2020, there’s a disease that’s spreadin’
All across the globe, sealing the globe in their house. 
It’s March and when we got latched,
I got inspired and started writing,
Started my blog, touched my camera,
Got to know my environment more circumstantially,
Oh, those kingfishers, gorgeous parakeets,
They became part of my family.
I captured the moments in form of pixels,
But pixels are incompetent of justifying nature.
If you go back in time and tell me this in 2019,
I’ll call you a mad man with missiles.

Now it 2021, 
Now I’m in class 10, the crossroad of our “education system”
It’s February and maybe I’ll socialise again, (yeah I did thanks to my exams) 
I had a trip to paradise, thought we’d get normal,
Boom, there’s another wave,
Again those same chairs, table, laptop and days without formal.
I joined the lit club, 
And started my free verse from my tub,
Being an experimental batch,
Now it was time for boards.....
Now it’s December,
My childhood hero made it better than November,
It’s Christmas and I made a house,
Without my friend jerry the mouse
With gingerbread bricks and KitKat roof, 
I hoped it would be quakeproof.
(Couldn't test that 'cause it now rests in 'piece' in my stomach) 

It’s almost the new year…………..  

It’s 2022, which is also called 2020 too,
I thought we’d be back normal,
And as always I jinxed it, (yes i did) 
Again in my room writing poems
Now there another wave, 
"The disease" makes a comeback,
And now we can't pack our backpack.
(As soon as I got some hope,
   war started....... 
   well probably my curse)

These memories I made, 
Now I shall carve these in my brain cells
I shall thank everyone who made these past years memorable.
I’m sure the memories that we made, 
Will make us suffer from nostalgia as our aid
May we have a grateful ‘22

The Mystery of The Lost History:  

Episode 2: The Protectors:

Who are you?” I asked after seeing that creepy 6 feet tall creature.
“I am not the one about whom you should be asking.” it replied.
“ Then whom exactly should we be asking about?” asked Mack
“ Our Leader, The Supreme Protector.” he replied
“ The who now?” asked Rahul
“ You’ll get to know,” He replies and snapped his fingers.
As soon as he snapped his fingers something hit us hard on the head. We laid unconscious  while something carried us. After a while we woke up from our unconsciousness and found that we were being carried in a wooden cage and the bag was confiscated from us. We were getting carried in a long tunnel and there were two of the creatures like the one we talked to! Same, with a face of half mask half invisible.

“ Guys, something tells me that the creature has friends who do not like us.” I said,
“ Yup, we are dead.” said Mack.
“ Yes we are.” Rahul replied sighing

After a while we could see a bright light. We were getting near to the place where they dwelt. As soon as we reached the bright light blinded our eyes. After our eyes adjusted we saw a very big area where creatures like the hooded guy dwelt. They were normal creatures like us, they did agriculture, talked with each other, herded strange animals and lived in huts but to us they were creepy and we didn’t know what would happen next. There were torches all around this very big area.It was very strange because the crops, those strange looking crops, grew without sunlight and water unlike our usual crops used to grow.Moreover, there wasn’t a trace of water in that area. There were well built pillars which, astonishingly, were very very strong because they held the ground above it very firmly. The civilians of that area looked at us. We weren’t able to figure out their emotion by seeing us, but it seemed that they saw us, “The Humans”, for the first time. The creatures carried us to a high leveled place which looked more like the so-called “The Supreme Protector” ’s dwelling place . When we reached inside we saw the same creature but he was wearing a longer purple hooded coat than what others wear. It was around 6 feet 9 inches taller. And wore a necklace with claws. It was sitting on a throne which was big, observing us carefully.A Messenger came near him and whispered something in his ear.

Then it said, ”Humans, why do you trespass here?”
I replied,”What!! No, we didn’t want to trespass. We discovered a secret tunnel last month and decided to explore. We didn’t know what creatures dwelt here. And why do you bring us here?”
It replied,” We bring you here so that we can prevent a terrible incident that could happen again            from those breaches.”
“Which incident?” asked Mack surprisingly.
“You wouldn’t know because your ancestors sacrificed this memory of creatures like us being with them in order to make peace and harmony.” It replied.

Then he orders his soldiers to release us from the cage and handcuff us because he wanted to show the past which was inscribed in a room. The room was dim but we could see the pictures that were inscribed.

“This is the room of The Lost History.” It said,
“ Once upon a time” it continued “ Your one of the ancestors, who the humans called Alexander and his two associates Graham and Zoe, found a way to open the breaches using their magic.The first breach opened in our world. He saw us. My grandfather was present there, he tried to talk with Alexander but we couldn’t understand them and they didn’t understand us. We started learning each other’s languages. Slowly we made a strong bond.To learn more about the breaches and the creatures found past the breaches, more breaches were made in our world.We made a close contact with the other creatures found.All was going well until one day a breach opened out of nowhere. None of the creatures ,whom we established contact with, made it. From that breach an army of the Dark Lord Cemus attacked. Creatures were massacred and killed. Breaches were destroyed to protect other creatures but our world’s breach wasn’t able to close, including some other breaches which were connected to your planet. The scientist of all the creatures, whose breaches weren’t close, found a way out that was to seal the breaches. But in order to do that one had to sacrifice their memories of these breaches and the powers each creature possesses because only these memories and the special power could seal the breaches.The question arises who would do it? Time was running out. The Humans, the creators of these breaches, volunteered to sacrifice their memories. We all weren’t able to accept it. We tried to stop them but the humans disagreed.Alexander gave my Grandfather a crystal which had their powers in it and made a prophecy that one day three men just like Alexander, Graham and Zoe will come and when they come the ball will light up. He was also told to protect these breaches and let none enter. And that is how our race’s name “The Protectors” was formed.And since then we have protected these breaches.”
Rahul after hearing this asks The Supreme Protector very doubtfully, which was valid, “ But why are you telling these things to us? We are nothing but trespassers.”

“Come with me.” He replied.And ordered the soldiers to uncuff our hands.

We followed The Supreme Protector in the lobby until we reached a room. It was lit up very dimly from outside. There was a carving of his grandfather receiving the crystal with pain above the large door which stood in front of us. He looks at the carving and sighs. Before we could go in he said,” You’ll find the crystal inside and if you’re chosen then you’ll get the powers but if you are not chosen you’ll be unconscious and you’ll forget this place completely.”
“What if we don’t want to go?” I ask
“Then you’ll not go back ever again alive.” he replies
We gulped and agreed to go in to at least save our lives. He then opens the door. We go into a completely dark room. He shuts the door from behind. We wait for a while and then from the center a light is seen. We brace ourselves. We heard a whisper in the room which continued to be heard. Then three little white lights come out of the crystal. Then it comes towards us and fits into our souls. We felt a great power filling inside us. Then the room gets brightened with a yellow light slowly. Showing one by one the incidents of Alexander, Graham and Zoe and their adventures together in carvings. The yellow light then gathers onto a big box carving. The room gets dim and then darkens again but the light in that big box shows the projections of Alexander, Graham and Zoe. The Crystals split into three crystals.

Alexander says, “ This is our message to you all and probably the last one having powers.We just want to tell you that you should protect these crystals as it has our discoveries of these powers and their applications until you learn all the spells of your respective powers.And we just want you to again flourish magic all over the world and defeat Cemus. And there is a surprise for you which is important. Therefore, Hereby we declare you the last magicians of the world.”

Door was opened and as the light entered we felt dizzy and fainted because of the intensity of the power which we got from that crystal.I remember The Supreme Protector calling for help and I faintly telling the Supreme Protector to help us.

We woke up in our room. It was like a hotel with comfortable beds and a big torch hanging and carvings carved on walls to make the rooms beautiful.But, we were speechless. We didn’t know what we should feel. Should we be excited because we got the powers, be sad because the people like Alexander and his associates weren’t able to defeat Cemus. We looked at each other confused and emotionless. Just then The Supreme Protector comes in. He saw us being emotionless and told us, “ I know you have a great responsibility on your shoulders but you shouldn’t be sad about what happened in the past. You should avenge Cemus’ doing. Then and then only you can bring magic to your planet earth.“ Those words made us picked up our courage.We then also decided to defeat Cemus and not run away.

He then says,” Since you are now the chosen, you have to learn the magic. The trio knew all kinds of power so if you want to learn them you have to cross breaches. I know you are thinking what contradictions are these but the truth is that we were told to protect until the next humans with powers of the trio are chosen.So the first breach you’ll enter is the Breach of Shadowed Knights to learn the power of illusions and shadows.The message is already sent through our magical powers”

We were ready to enter a world of the Shadowed Knights and enter a new world of magic but before that I remembered that we had to go back.

I ask The Supreme Protector,” We have to go back to the surface. We have our mothers and fathers and other people up there that might feel suspicious.”
“But before that I have some questions,” said Mack. He requested us to first give our bags.After the bags retrieved, he took out the photo and showed it to The Supreme Protector.It was the photo of the corpse whose right part was broken and had a arora colored liquid emitting out from that part.
“What is this?,” asked Mack,

“ It is one of the decayed bodies of one of our bodies. It wasn’t retrieved from the surface at that time until you found it and took the photo.”He replied,
“But why did it decay like this?” asked Mack
“You see in the creatures having magic, the tissues inside our bones there is a hollow part where this magic is stored and used. But as your people have forgotten about the magic your bones and so are not hollow. So when this magic decays the bone dissolves in it and becomes the arora-colored substance which is called Dead Magic that is why it is like this.” He explains.

Then Rahul remembers about the badge of the first creature.
“ And also, What is this?”Rahul asks The Supreme Protector, showing the strange stone badge having a carving of breach on one side and a dark creature’s skull  on the other side.
“ Phew!! You found it. Ramin, who is one of the best soldiers and the one who keeps the badge for the sealed Cermon’s breach, had it when he was spying on you. But when he moved from there the badge slipped and fell.”He replied.
“Well that’s fortunate,” I said.
“Now do you know a shortcut to the surface? We have to go back.” I continued.

He shows a secret tunnel by pressing a carving and points in that direction.
“Thank You,” we said.

“We’ll come tomorrow.” I say to The Supreme Protector.
“ You’re welcome anytime.” He replies with a tone of happiness.

We follow the dark path with a torch.As soon as we reach the surface, we hide the torch and head towards our respective houses thinking of an excuse for tomorrow, it was night time around nine o’clock. I reached my home and was glad to see my mom and my father watching TV happily. We had our dinner and then I had a nice sleep.

The next day we arrive at our usual meeting place. I told my parents that I am going on a picnic with my friends on the top of the farthest hill of our city, where the view is actually great, so don’t worry. We then go to the temple and take the shortcut to our bedrooms, pick up the torch, light it up and we follow the path and reached our bedrooms. Then after a little checking and packing of our things we go outside and we find Ramin standing there to show us the way.
I tell him, “ Hi Ramin. How’re you?”
He replies,” Oh I am fine.”
Then Rahul says,” Do you know? You are sure a scary soldier to scare a child.”
“ Ya I know righ – Wait a minute, was that a compliment or an insult.” He replies as we walk towards the village.
“ None, It was a joke.” said Mack and we burst out laughing and Ramin himself laughed.
As we passed the village the villagers waved their hand to us.We waved them back happily. We reached the site Breach Of Shadowed Knights. The Supreme Protector and Ramin wished us all the best and we got ready to take the first step in the new world. We were very excited and as soon as the breach was opened we took our first step in the world bidding our planet farewell and entered the new world of adventures and mysteries………  

(Comment if you want the third part.)

Road Sweeper becomes policeman

Road Sweeper becomes policeman
Once upon a time, there lived a small boy named Afridi in the village of Almora. Afridi was an intelligent and hardworking boy who scored full marks in his examinations. But, the only problem was that Afridi’s father was very poor. Afridi lived in a small broken husk and did not have a luxurious life like us. His father always wanted him to study and succeed in his life. By profession Afridi’s father was a road sweeper and earned very little money. In the covid period, his father suffered a lot, but his father did not lose his courage and worked to earn money. After the covid pandemic, his school opened. Because of the absence of the teacher, the principal came and took the class. On the first day, his principal asked all the students, What will you become when you grow up? Everybody gave different answers, but Afridi was quiet. His
principal said to Afridi to tell his answer, Afridi stood up and said ” I will become a road sweeper when I grow up”. His teacher was shocked and said “Why?. Then Afridi said ” My father is a road sweeper so I also will become a road sweeper. The next day, the teacher came with an old man around 80. He said to Afridi that the old man was a drain cleaner in his youth, but now his
child is a principal of a very big school. Afridi quickly understood that the old man is the principal’s father and he understood that he should not become a road sweeper and choose a good profession. And he said “I will become a policeman when I grow up.”

Afridi became a D.S.P in a big police station. On the first day, after the duty, he went to his school and said to his principal “Thanks Sir.” The principal was very much happy that Afridi succeeded in his life. A HAPPY ENDING
Thank You
Inkyfinga Lit Club
● What is the full form of DSP? (1)
● Suggest the moral of the story? (2)
● What is it called when a child does the same profession as the father? (1)
● What values we see in



( 3 )
● Where is Almora located? ( 1 )
● Write all the nouns that are written in the story (2)