Parent Alert

Dear Parents of Learners

Ken Robinson has said all the things I would have loved to have said. 

What I, as a parent and an educator, take away from Ken Robinson’s talk:

  • There is a crisis of human resources in our own century.
  • Ken Robinson’s answer to this crisis is to Revolutionising education instead of merely reforming it.
  • He compares modern education to fast food, the former undermining our spirit just like the latter weakens us physically.
  • Instead of cloning the industrial, linear model of education conforming to the needs of a bygone century, we need to foster the multiple talents of our children by creating an organic model of education customised to their needs and aspirations.
  • College does not begin in kindergarten – childhood is just as uniquely significant as any other stage of human life. 
  • Our children should decide their profession by what interests them passionately.
  • We adults should tread softly on our children’s dreams, spread before our feet.

What do you want for your children? Do leave your comments.


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