The Invisible Colours of Light

Dear Students

I found this wonderful site on science while, of all things, searching youtube for a recipe on home-made butter! It is Robert Krampf’s THE HAPPY SCIENTIST and he really is a Happy Scientist. 

Very young students always tell me that science is their favourite subject. But as students grow older, they begin to find science difficult and therefore, dull. 

If textbooks, teachers and tests make students dislike science – then how will they learn?

The Happy Scientist brings the wonder and joy back to every aspect of physics, chemistry, biology and all the mysteries contained in nature and the universe. I think, that is how it was always meant to be!

My own special favourites are Science Photo of the Day and Science Videos, in that order. 

Going through THE HAPPY SCIENTIST makes me wish that some of my students will become Happy Scientists, like Robert Krampf – and the rest will be Happy WhateverYouBecome

The happiest bit of my news is that Robert Krampf has very kindly allowed me to use his video, A Colour You Can’t See, to create a Viewing Task for you, my students. Your science teacher said you have studied this topic in a science lesson at school. So, here is your MI-RBT Task. I have merely added a few relevant questions to the original video. 

This MI-RBT Task elicits your Listening Skills. The MI  (Gardner’s MI) you apply while listening are Visual and Logical.

The RBT (Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy) level of this task checks out your ability to Know and Understand. While listening, pause to recall and answer the questions:



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