Plant Fashions

Dear Learners

The picture shows what our school coconut plants are wearing this season. 

It is called a sheath, that holds the petiole to the main stem.  Doesn’t it look like woven fabric? Most species of palm trees wear this sheath. 

Banana Fashion0

So does the banana plant. The petiole of the banana leaf  is attached to the pseudo (false) stem by a sheath.  


Are you wondering: If this is the false stem, then where is the real stem?

Click BANANAS to find the answer. 

The banana and coconut form common items on the Indian menu. The banana fruit, the flower and the pseudo stem are eaten, raw or cooked. The leaf is used to serve food. The coconut, similarly, is very useful, from its outer husk (coir), leaf, to the sweet inner flesh and liquid. The entire banana plant and the young coconut fruit are used in in Hindu religious occasions (puja). 

If the expensive mango in its brief season is the national Indian fruit, the banana and coconut can claim to be global round-the-year fruit that suit every pocket as a nutritious snack or drink (from the green coconut).

The article on BANANAS cited above gives you some interesting botanical (plant-related) facts. 

While reading, see if you can find the answers to the questions in the Reading Quiz below. 

All correct answers means,  you are an A++ Reader with excellent Skimming, Scanning and Intensive Reading Skills.

Reading Quiz on BANANAS

1.  Where is the true stem of a banana plant and what is it called?

2.  How many kinds of roots does the banana plant have?

3.  What is the ‘trunk’ or pseudo stem made up of? 

4.   What is a ‘sucker’? Would you select a ‘sword sucker’ or a ‘water sucker’ to make a ‘follower’?

5A.  You get banana fruit from 

         (a)  rhizome

         (b)  leaf sheath

         (c)  inflorescence

         (d)  pseudo stem

5B. The banana fingers are attached to the

       (a)  peduncle 

       (b)  rachis 

       (c)  inflorescence

       (d)  pseudo stem

Answers to Reading Quiz here but read and find your own answers before you look.

This MI-RBT Task helps you to apply your Verbal and Naturalistic Intelligences and develop your ability to Know, Understand and Apply informative content.

My students used to slice ripe bananas and sprinkle them with Bournvita or sweet cocoa powder for a snack!  

If you have tasty, quick recipes with bananas in the starring role, do send me the recipe with a picture. 



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