Food for Thought

Dear DPST Class VIII 2012-13

This post is specially for you. You have, at different times and in the name of science, treated me to delicious chocolate ‘earthworms’ and ‘soil-profile’. I came across  a fairly simple recipe for Chocolate Logs recently, which, I hope, you will prepare for your family with your usual enthusiasm. 
I think, you must get pretty hungry at certain times in the day. Here is another fairly simple Tomato Rice for you to try out in the kitchen (with parental assistance). 

Cooking is a good stress-buster, if you don’t attempt recipes that are too complicated for you. Also, remember to clean up (kitchen counter and utensils) after you cook – don’t leave it to your poor mom or cook! 

Meanwhile, both the above recipes also constitute an MI-RBT Task for you. While performing these, you will be exercising your :

  1. Reading and Listening Skills (reading and listening to instructions to understand them)
  2. Physical-kinesthetic Intelligence (managing utensils and ingredients)
  3. Verbal-linguistic Intelligence (translating verbal instructions into action) 
  4. Logical-mathematical Intelligences (calculating sequences, quantities and proportions).
  5. You will achieve the Application level of the RBT pyramid of thinking skills (learning by applying what you know) if your perform well.

Do let me know in Comments if you enjoyed preparing (and eating) these dishes for your family. Did you score 5/5 in the above MI-RBT?


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