Childhood: Mine and Theirs

Dear Learners

Look at these pictures. You must have heard of Child Labour? As you can tell, I’m not exactly talking about “heavy home-work burden” here!

Now watch this video. Ignore the language errors and concentrate on the message.

  1. Would you like to share your thoughts on these pictures and videos?
  2. How about a comparison with your own lifestyle, to pinpoint what they lack? 
  3. What do they need? Can you make a list?
  4. Does your Civics text book tell you anything about the Rights that these children are deprived of? Which rights?
  5. What can you and your friends do to prevent child labour and exploitation in your own neighbourhood?

If you have done tasks 1-5 above, then you have performed an MI-RBT Task, where you have exercised your

  • Listening skills
  • Writing skills
  • Interpersonal Intelligence
  • Logical Intelligence
  • Thinking skills at the level of Analysis, Evaluation and Creativity of the RBT pyramid.

2 responses to “Childhood: Mine and Theirs

  1. 1) Child labor is a horrible act. How can someone be so cruel to snatch away happiness of a child and make him/her work. A child should go to school learn things that he/she likes and then start working according to his/her passion.
    2) I do not think that my life style lacks anything because my parents and teachers care about me. They are my well-wishers. A child needs to go to school and study. I go to an excellent school where not only I learn thing I discover them. Through many activities it also makes it easier to learn.
    3) These children need responsible parents/guardians who send them to school and not make them work!
    4) I think it exploits the Right to Freedom
    5) If it happens I will talk to the Employer and request him/her to stop it and make him/her realize his/her mistake.

    • Well thought-out answers, Dhruv. Education is the answer to child labour. Poverty breeds child labour. The Right to Education (RTE), if properly enforced, will ensure the end of child labour.

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