Affordable Hygiene for Rural Women

Dear Learner

Today, I would like to share this TED Talk by Arunachalam Muruganathan with you. You may be male or female. This is a very inspirational video for divergent thinking. A “little educated” genius challenges “surplus educated” youth to solve social problems instead of running after money. He has lectured as a guest professor in IIMs. His model has been implemented across the world. What do you say? Do leave your comments.


6 responses to “Affordable Hygiene for Rural Women

  1. I was very fascinated to know the fact that only 2% (mind you, that’s a very very small number..) use sanitary napkins. This man here has given employment to so many people who were unemployed. He could have sold it in some other country and have so many dollars but he gave it to the unemployed at a very less rate. At last, the droids (machines) have created more jobs!!

    • @achintyajoy – I love his philosophy of money-in-the-back-pocket. He is so logical – people make millions to donate it in the end (or else cling to it) – why not begin by donating? This is the economic policy that cannot be learned in IIMs. Would you like to be innovative like him?

      • Yes, ma’am. I think this man being little educated has done a marvelous job which surplus educated people couldn’t do. We need to be innovative for our world’s welfare.

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