Empire Building in Ancient India

Dear Learners

Here is a map showing the vast empire of the Mauryan dynasty of ancient India. Take a good look at the extent of their empire. 


Now, these were the questions that came to my mind, when I looked at this map. Do you have any answers for me? 
1. You can divide yourself into groups/pairs and share out the questions. Divide and conquer! 
2. If you make Keynotes/PPTs with your answers, then we can add these and share your knowledge


  1. Name the great emperors of the Maurya dynasty. The first of them had a very famous political advisor. Who was he?
  2. Compared with a map of Asia-India 2013, which modern countries and Indian states represent the Mauryan empire?
  3. Roughly, how much territory do you think the Mauryan empire covered in comparison with other empires in India that you have studied in history? For instance, the Mughal empire and the British empire. Google more maps of ancient Indian empires and compare. List the empires smaller and larger than the Mauryan empire.
  4. Why did all these empires decline and vanish? Do you see any similarity in the reasons why these empires ceased to exist? 
  5. Does any empire exist today? Explain, giving logical reasons in points. 
  6. Compare the Mauryan empire with modern India. What similarities and differences do you find in the kind of crops, climate, landforms, industry, occupations, food, dress, languages and culture? Answer this in points.
  7. What did the Mauryan dynasty contribute to India?
  8. If you were the Mauryan Emperor, what Political, Social and Economical measures would you take to rule your vast Empire? Answer this in points.

In this MI-RBT Task, you have exercised your

  • Visual-spatial intelligence
  • Logical-mathematical intelligence
  • Verbal-linguistic intelligence (Reading and Writing skills)
  • Higher thinking skills on the RBT pyramid (Analysis and Evaluation)

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