Dear Learners

I hope you are looking forward to the DPST Astronomy Camp on 5-6 January 2013 as enthusiastically as I am. I will update this post again, after the camp, when we will have much more to share. Right now, I’m posting some important points to help you prepare for the Astro-Camp.


  1. Please wear woollen hooded jackets and thermal underwear to insulate yourself from the biting cold. You can carry 1-2 favourite snacks to munch on and wake yourself up when you feel too sleepy or cold. +1 house point will be awarded to each participant who remains active till the end of the sky-gazing session.
  2. The session will begin with a special Astro-quiz in the DPST Sparrow Court at 6.30 pm. Time and accuracy will count. +1 house point will be awarded to the house with 100% correct answers within the set time. Ms. Manjusree will be the final arbiter of this.
  3. Next, at 7.30 pm there will be an interactive presentation by Mr. Vikram Virulkar from Beyond Earth the AV Room. Remember to talk in turn when interacting with Mr. Virulkar and the DPS Heads and Teachers.
  4. Dinner is at 8.30 pm, followed by the Sky-gazing Session from 9.00 pm onwards until 5.00 am on the DPST Terrace. Take a good after-lunch nap on Saturday, so that you can stay awake all night!
  5. You might like to view a time-lapse movie of the Night Sky at DPS Tapi, Surat made by Mr. G.R. Sivakumar, Principal DPS Surat. 
  6. Here are some Long Exposure Photographs of DPS Tapi by Mr. G.R. Sivakumar, showing how the stars whirl around your school all night while you sleep. Do you see how the sky turns about the stationary Polaris (Pole star) in the centre? This happens due to the Rotation of our EarthYou can ask Mr. Sivakumar your questions on night-sky photography.

  7. Consult the DPST AstroCamp Grouplist 5.1.13 to know your iPad allocation, group members, Teacher In-Charge and Table number. The group members should be collectively accountable for the iPads. Take turns at using the Apps Night Sky, Star Walk and Redshift to identify:
  • Stars
  • Planets
  • Constellations
  • Satellites

Only use your allocated iPad. When not in use, the iPad should be placed on its proper place on the table.

  • This is a SKYMAP JAN 2013 for the major items visible at this time of the year. Save it and take a good look to remember what you should be looking for.
  • Here is a Starguide 2013 for expert advice on night sky gazing.
  • This is a STAR FINDER you can make if you like.

I downloaded these from the following sites. You can also click to visit them. There are interesting downloads, posts, videos, games and activities on these sites:

DPST Astro-Camp Targets:

(1) All you young astronomers will be able to identify and name the major heavenly bodies when you next look up at the night sky.

(2) You should also learn something about the names, types and functions of Telescopes used at the Astro-Camp.

Interested Parents: Only parents of participants may participate. No younger siblings are allowed. The time for parent participation is limited from 9.00-12.00 pm. Parents must arrange their own conveyance. You must show a diary-note from your parent to your class-teacher, latest, by Friday 4/1/13, stating that they wish to participate.



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