eBooks versus the REAL Book

There is this ongoing intermittent debate (I really don’t see the point of it) on whether the paper-printed books are better than eBooks. This debate is usually the favourite of paper-book readers who love the ‘feel’ of a ‘real’ book in their hands and think that the ‘virtual’ can’t ever beat the ‘real’. eBook readers have stopped arguing with diehard paper-book readers. But here’s another last try.
I have a library of books that takes up more than one whole room and it was spilling over into the rest of my life like some horrific sci-fi situation, till the iPad entered my life. Now, life is under control with Kindle, iBooks and a host of other Apps-Libraries. My books are with me wherever I go. This convenience outweighs the concerns voiced those who love hard-cover or paperback publications. The debate is pointless.
I have more to say on paper-print books. 
Have you noticed the quality of paper publishers use today?
The books I bought only 2-3 years back (from reputed publishers) have pages yellowing, coming loose from their binding, tearing, fraying, crumbling and disintegrating. A second horrific, sci-fi situ come to life! Compare this with books of my parents’ generation, still sitting decently on the shelf and ageing gracefully, a pleasure to read and re-read.  
Also, think of the forests demolished to create books with better paper quality. I do not know the limitations to virtual space – but real space is getting rapidly occupied, crowding up our lives. This leaves us with much less space to live, stretch or simply breathe in.  Think of this going on endlessly! Our junk is already overflowing into space – where will it all end?
Whew! Back to my e-books with relief. I turn the pages, hilit in colour, scribble notes, page mark on the corners – without any eyebrows being raised.  Moreover, I can also into a comfy chair or tuck myself into bed at the end of a long, tiring day with my iPad for a good read. So, it’s e-books for me any day – for as long as my bank balance is with me on this! 



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