The MI-RBT Task at DPS Tapi

The MI-RBT task is a major teaching-learning tool at DPS Tapi, for both teachers and learners. Let me explain what this means.

In an earlier post on this blog, Parent Alert, I had clarified what is important for me in education today. In fact, I had allowed Ken Robinson to say it for me in his TED talk because he does this so much better than I ever could. He had a head-start on me, and I haven’t caught up yet!

Seriously, however, I have long researched ways to improve what we teachers and our learners do in class. My research has delved into books by experts and lessons and lectures in schools, colleges and university. Having taught at all these levels, my own firsthand experience helped me as much as brilliant colleagues did. 

I came up with two basic ideas:

  1. Theories about learning and teaching are not really entering the grass roots classroom.
  2. Creating and implementing materials based on these theories could help teachers to understand them better and apply them in their classrooms.

I focussed on three main theories:

  1. Task-Based Language Teaching: Language was at the heart of teaching-learning all subject concepts, besides being my own subject of study.
  2. Multiple Intelligences: The Learner is the most important concept a teacher needs to understand in order for any teaching or learning to happen. Howard Gardner’s MI Theory offered the most admirable all-round description of a learner’s ability.
  3. Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy: Often, the learning target can get lost amidst the immense fun of some activity. The safety belt of a pre-determined learning objective was provided by Bloom’s Taxonomy of Thinking Skills. The Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy (RBT) is a specialised form of this.

I have only provided basic introductory links to the concepts above. If people are interested, they can access more detailed bibliography (as I have). Many researchers and teachers have used MI-RBT Tasks to enhance teaching-learning in the classroom. What interests me, specifically, is the teacher angle.

  • How creative will teachers prove to be?
  • Can they frame learning tasks based on language skills and other subject concepts?
  • Will they be able to use MI to access the broad spectrum abilities of their students?
  • Will they be able to cover the higher thinking skills of their learners through MI-RBT tasks framed by them?
  • Will teachers grow to be self-empowered by thus creating their own materials?

Or will they just lose interest in the whole project after a while?

To end,  let me again refer teachers to Ken Robinson to prove how relevant the MI-RBT task may prove to be in encouraging creativity in your classroom: 


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  32. SM, do identify the MI-RBT tasks you put up in your blog. Hyperlink them to my post, which explains the theory behind our practice. You could also upload your own PAR project on your blog, under a new ‘Action Research’ category.

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