Jarrett J. Krosoczka: How a boy became an artist

Dear (Older) Learners 

I would like to share this TED talk on Jarrett J. Krosoczkathat I greatly enjoyed, about a writer and illustrator of books for children. 

I watched it more than once to set you some questions. If you are a good listener, you should answer them correctly. You can pause and replay the video, like I did, to locate the answers.

Now test yourself with this MI-RBT Task and see how well you Listen, Understand, Remember, Analyse and Evaluate


If you’ve done all eight questions above – you’re a real Champion!

Now, check out the Answers, Champ!

You can visit Jarrett’s website StudioJJK to try out the creative Activities he has designed.

Jarrett tells you how to pronounce his surname, Krosoczka

I especially liked his various Biographies!

Finally, do remember that Jarrett faced hundreds of rejections before his talent was finally recognized and his dream came true.

Do you, too, have a special dream? Would you like to share it in the Comments below?



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