NASA Rover ‘Curiosity’ on Mars

Dear (Older) Learners

I think, you’ve had a fantastic Maths Mela Week! Congratulations!

Now, here is science challenge for your smart, logical brains. Earth (NASA) has landed a probe on Mars, called Curiosity.

I read about this in an article on NASA’s rover ‘Curiosity’ on key mission lands on Mars 

A.  There are two things that I am confused about.

1) What is a ‘probe’?

2) What are the functions that this probe will perform on Mars?

Can you bright young people help me out with answers in your Comments after reading the article above?

B.  Here is the Curiosity Rover:


Now, use your scientific imagination. Imagine that you are a scientist analysing the data collected by this probe. What are your findings??? Your findings (even little green Martians and UFOs) should be logically linked to the article you read in the link given above.

I eagerly wait for interesting answers in your Comments.

This MI-RBT Task helps you to exercise your Verbal and Logical Intelligences through Reading at the level of Analysis

After doing this task, do give me feedback on Comments and on this Poll:


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