Dear (Not-so-old) Learners

You’ve heard of a pantomime? I’ve invented this game for you called Speak-a-Mime. It’s a game to be played with two players (partners) like this:

Step 1: Watch the (very funny) mimes on the videos below. They’re by an expert mime-artist and a (not very expert) volunteer from the audience. 

Step 2: When you’ve finished laughing, select any one video.

Step 3: Decide who wants to play the expert and who will be the novice (opposite of expert). 

Step 4: Watch the video again, supplying the dialogue for the mime. You can pause the video when you need time to think of the words. You can try it out in your own language first and then translate into English, if that helps you to think. I suggest you and your partner do a few practice rounds of this, till you can speak in English along with the action on the video.

Step 5: The whole class can watch the video and listen to you and your partner speaking the words that suit the mime-action.


SCENARIO B: In the Restaurant 

SCENARIO C: At the Party

This is an MI-RBT Task where you can Apply your Verbal-linguistic Intelligence and your Speaking Skills at the Creativity level of the RBT pyramid of thinking skills.

Did you enjoy doing this MI-RBT task? Do send me your thoughts in Comments, or vote on this Poll – or do BOTH!


12 responses to “Speak-a-Mime

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  2. @Dhruv Parmar: I suggest – try it out in English class, where you can watch the mimes and practice. You can next, practice it in the dramatics club as well. Do discuss it with Ms. Barman.

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