Gene Drives!

Dear (Older) Learners


This is another exciting interface between the digital and the organic. Beyond your present modes of data storage, scientists have already progressed to the next futuristic imitation of Nature: DNA for data storage.
Read this ARTICLE.

Next, one more Reading Challenge for you. Let us see who is the first to find out more on this topic and post it in Comments.

This is an MI-RBT Task exercising your Extensive Reading Skills in Verbal-linguistic Intelligence and taking your Thinking Skills up to the Analysis level of the RBT pyramid.

With your final exams coming up – you are all, no doubt, more focussed on Intensive Reading, at present. But do not forget – there is a Universe of Discovery in the Global Classroom out there  that waits for no exams! Keep reading to know more!


2 responses to “Gene Drives!

  1. It is wonderful to think that so much data can be stored in so little a space. But it is more amazing to think that ‘Even though man has invented these things recently, nature has done its share long back, I.e. from the starting of the single unicellular organism that was born’.

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