Let’s Teach Kids to Code

Dear (Older) Learners

I enjoyed this very much – because the speaker, Michael Resnick,  shares my views (hopes and anxieties). Do watch – it’s interesting!

Share it with your parents and friends – they might enjoy it too!

Now here’s a self-check on what you’ve just viewed:

This is an MI-RBT Task testing your Listening at the RBT Thinking level of Evaluation.

If you visit Scratch and make your programme then, you’ll reach the RBT level of Creativity, while exercising your Logical Intelligence.

I like this way of learning – the whole world becomes your syllabus and digital technology becomes your  learning tool.

The global classroom is full of ideas every moment – and the greatest learner is always alert!

I know that some of you follow my Blog and repost some of the stuff (under different headers). That’s creative! 

I also share my recently gained learning on Weekend Watch-n-Weigh under Teachers’ Club in this blog. Keep an eye on the updates here! I like people who can keep up with my ideas and share their own with me. So please do leave a Comment, after you’ve viewed what I put up for you.


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