Loving Trees

Dear Learners, Teachers and Parents

Every day, as I come to school and return, I look at our Dandi-Jehangirabad Road being widened and am happy to think that it will mean safer driving for all of us who use this road.

On the other hand, I look at the poor ragged remains and stumps of the trees that used to form an avenue along some parts of this road. The Roads & Bridges, a very efficient organisation for urban progress – do not have very ‘green’ engineers and road contractors. Even the few trees that remain, have damaged roots from the excavators and bulldozers. 

Coincidentally, I received an email from a friend, that I wished to share with you. Note that almost all these pictures show good, wide urban roads.


image002 image003 image004 image005 image006 image007 image008 image009 image010

Now, do you see where we stand in comparison with the civic sense of the citizens in these places? I am seriously thinking about tree-planting along the D-J Road once it is done – provided there is someone to look after these trees, and guarantee that they won’t be dug up  in another year’s time in the name of further progress. Perhaps, Roads & Bridges should also have a tree-planting wing? The local farmers with land along the road margin could be sensitised. many of them have actually sold their land to estate developers. So, who will actually look after trees that fall into the no-man’s-land on the boundary? Any solutions, anyone? Tell me in your Comments.

This is an MI-RBT Task in real-life problem-solving, exercising your Naturalistic and Interpersonal Intelligences at the Analysis and Evaluation levels of Thinking.


30 responses to “Loving Trees

  1. mam I am late, but the pics are very beautiful I feel that i am in the beautiful world of trees I wish that our school or surat city will also be like this. I will do my best for tree platation.

  2. The pics are really attractive and beautiful but as we see he road to school we just see farms and some pine trees no forest are been seen.so I don’t understand what is important the forest or agriculture???

    • @Bhavya: I would say, both. Remember, forests were here first – part of the conditions necessary for the survival of animal and human life. Agriculture is the human ability to ‘domesticate’ plants for their own use. What you see in the pictures are not forests – just a borderline of trees along roads, creating beautiful avenues.

  3. Mam the pictures are splendid. I am totally up and excited to join hands in the initiative. It would indeed be of a great pleasure for us to drive down this lane. And who knows, J-D lane may also be photographed and added to these pictures. I agree to Mrs. Barman to approach SMC for the same. Meanwhile mam, can we extend the ‘Birthday Sapling Plantation’ idea till the main road?

  4. Mam the pics are very lovely.I think trees should be considered as living things & govt. should make a strict law for preservation of nature by allowing tree cutting only when agency agreed to develop five more saplings in return of cutting 1 big tree.

      • @Aamanya: I would like to communicate with all my students via our blogs. In this interactive platform – even without being in the same spot at the same time, the student and the principal are face to face, sharing the same space and time. I can give you my undivided attention and claim yours in return. When we first met in Vesu, you were a little girl who loved to read. Now, you’re a big girl, who reads, is developing into a good sportsperson, dancer, singer, artist and impressive Karate champ. You also have a point of view about matters that concern you. Would you not like to start your own blog and share your thoughts, experiences, beliefs, hopes, fears, etc.? I think, the role of a writer still remains to be explored?

  5. Amazing!!! I wish we had such roads in Surat! I would love to walk on the streets with these beauties of nature.
    If not so grand trees, at least the builders should plant some local trees after preparing the road and then even protect these trees might be eaten away by cows. The SMC should actually think on this. I am happy because I can at least spot a few roads with small shrubs that are grown around it when we go outside.

  6. Mam, the pics are really amqzing.
    The solution for this condition could be the estate developers should construct these residencies by decorating these societies with trees instead of just putting decorated lights that don not show the true glory of those socities . Even on roadsides we can do the same.

  7. all the pics are just great !!
    The solution to this can be better not give the land to estate developers as nature beauties like this one are just rare…If they fall in no man’s land then who will look after them or even visit them !?So it should be urban development with the blend of natural beauty..

    • @Aneesh: You are totally right. We cannot prevent land sale or road-widening or urban development in the name of progress. We need to factor in trees. If you become an engineer, do remember this!

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  9. Ma’am beautiful photos. By watching it we feel good. Yes, I agree with Miss Barman we can have some Good Civic organising at our areas.

  10. We can probably approach SMC with our plan of tree plantation along the road and share the responsibility of taking care of it. In the city they water and take good care of the plants they grow in the dividers. Maybe they apply the same technique there too till the plants grow into trees.

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