Poor Baby Squirrel

Dear Learners

After your bird-rescue on Sports Day, I think you will Like watching this wonderful rescue of a two-week old baby squirrel that was stuck in a thorn tree at Timbavati picnic site in Kruger National Park, South Africa.

I liked it too, but I’ve mixed up the notes I made, while watching. Look at these jumbled sentences!

A-First, they put a chair on top of the table but this looks unsafe to climb on.

B-Next, Anton drives his car up beneath the tree and climbs on the roof.

C-They anxiously examine the minor injuries on the baby squirrel.

D-Thorn is seen drinking milk from a syringe with his adopted parents.

E-Elize and Anton see a baby squirrel hanging from a thorn tree at Timbavati.

F-They name the squirrel Thorn because he was stuck in a thorn tree.

G-They decide to save the squirrel which is still alive, crying and struggling.

H-He frees the baby squirrel, wraps it in a white towel and hands it to Elize.


AFTER voting, check out the correct order in this KEY.  Did you get it right, the first time? 

This is an MI-RBT Task, that exercises your Listening-Comprehension skills and Logical Intelligence at the RBT level of Application.



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