Extension Blogs

Dear Learners

I am charmed by your endless talent for trouble! Just as I add a new dimension to school via your class blogs, and just as your class blogs are taking off wonderfully, you’ve got your parents all worried, YET AGAIN!

So here I am, spending the remnant of my Saturday, just back from school, dealing with the problem.

It seems that we are facing several dilemmas at home just now:

1) You are spending far too much time on the Internet. You must be, because your homework clearly mentions the sensible time limits. If you exceed the stipulated time, you may overstrain your eyes. Look after your eyes, or they will give you big trouble.

2) You are too small to be on the Internet. Well, stop acting like an absolute baby at home, then. If you are old enough to come to school, then you’re old enough to look at the content on your class blog.

3) No one at home knows how to operate the Internet. Really? No. You do know. You’ve learnt at school. Show your parents how.

4) You don’t have a computer, leave alone an Internet connection. Then get one of each. Learn how to manage. The digital age is here already. Let’s not pretend we don’t know this.

Now, from time to time, the Internet won’t work. So, you’ll have to postpone doing some of your homework, and catch up with it later. No earthshaking solution to that problem!

Again, on the financial side, the school isn’t saving money maintaining a website and class blogs and wi-fi connectivity and the server. But you and we together, ARE SAVING PAPER AND TREES. As if you didn’t know that before!

So, let’s quit grumbling about and blaming the class blogs for every other bit of mischief  you get up to at home. That’s called shifting the blame and so very unfair!

Be good children and get your parents to see that you’re growing up, and can be depended on. Stay cool and let’s have a peaceful Sunday.

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  4. I totally agree with these thoughts, you are very talented and grown ups, so take care of your eyes and yes it takes really less time to see home work on blog , because all teachers they post home works under certain headers only which is very easy to follow. Enjoy your weekend children….

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