Hundred Percent Starters

Dear Learners of Classes VI-IX

You live in an exciting world of tests and marks. The name of the excitement is competition and stress! You must let me know to what extent you feel this to be true.

What we try to do in school is reduce your stress and make you cooperate with classmates as well as compete with yourself (not with classmates).

To this end, your teachers and I have put one marvellous idea into practice. The idea was originally the suggestion of Mr. S. Jeyaraj, father of Vishwa Rajmurugan, currently in Class IX. Mr. Jeyaraj had suggested that every student should begin the year with 100 plus points which they would gradually lose if they misbehaved over the year. I recognised the essential soundness of the suggestion but was wondering how to keep track of points on so many fronts. Now, I’ve decided to transfer the idea to academics where everyone, teachers, students and their parents keep track of every mark.

So now, all of you will begin every year with 100+ in every subject for Internal Assessment.

When you do what you shouldn’t or don’t do what you should (hope you get this) you will begin to lose those marks, I’m afraid!

What sort of things will count? is the obvious question that next arises.

Well, you know! Doing your homework, bringing your books and project materials, submitting assignments on time, contributing during group discussions, writing original projects, citing sources in a bibliography, behaving properly on the bus – every little step will count!

Hence, there will now be a balance between what you gain by behaving as good students should, and what you lose by behaving like undisciplined young persons. For your part, try not to put anything much into the negative side. For our part, we have already given you a 100 marks start. All the best!

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23 responses to “Hundred Percent Starters

  1. Madam, if we see this ‘100 percent starter’ as a thesis – a starting point – then now we have started hearing about anti-thesis. Those who argue against the present system, say in this system once you lose a point, you lose it forever; there’s no way of regaining it. I think they have a point. Therefore motivation appears to warrant a slight modification. In the proposed modified system, a lost -point could be redeemed on three consecutive adherences. Redemption of next lost-point would be possible on four consecutive adherences and so on. For your consideration, Madam.

    • Actually, Mr. Pillai, you have been misinformed. Any student can win an endless number of points (in excess of the starting 100) for jobs well done within the ambience of school life. Some students are already winning points in this system. These points will offset lost points in time to come. A word of caution, however, to all students. It is only in school that these generous systems of appeal and negotiation exist. School life is brief. Real life gives one opportunity and rarely a second chance. There is no appeal. School has no control over real life. I am adding this warning, because school is supposed to prepare students for real life.

  2. The real credit goes to the School Authorities who have chosen to put the idea into practice. It is much more inspiring to see the positive response from the DPS-Tapi family of parents, teachers and young guns alike. Thank you, Madam !

  3. Thanks Ma’am to share this great idea. I will definetly try not to loose the points because that is precious for me.

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  5. that is a good idea mam, it’ll surely help us to keep our regularity on track, as it is a positive way of improvement, starting with +100…

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