Welcome Summer!

We all love vacations and look forward to them. In summer, in Surat, as the heat and humidity mounts higher, we first wait eagerly for the first day of summer vacation, and next, for the first monsoon shower!

Some of you may wonder why I mention only the first day of the vacation, here. I speak from my own past experience as a student. My happiest vacation time was the last day of term, just before the vacation.

The first day of the vacation was usually divinely empty – full of rosy expectation of bliss in the near future. It wasn’t the lying late in bed, or a special lazy brunch, or plans for the remaining days, but everything rolled into one holiday expectation of infinity stretching ahead and no harness on my back.

The rest of the vacation, in retrospect, was usually an anticlimax. No actual vacation experience ever measured up fully to that first glorious anticipation of joyous freedom. In fact, every day, I desperately tried to put down the thought that time is ticking away and the vacation is growing shorter. Obviously, then, the last day of vacation was my saddest day!

Today, that pre-vacation feeling of joyous anticipation is sometimes preempted by adults, who decide to begin their (children’s) vacation a day, or 2-3 days or even a week earlier than scheduled. I can imagine how happy children feel at the beginning of their trip, as they wonder what their friends are up to in school, what they’re missing out, and how they will catch up with missed work! These children have my sympathy. Nothing can ruin a holiday more than the feeling that you’re supposed to be elsewhere, finishing something important!

For all the rest of you – my students, their teachers and their parents – you’ve worked hard all of this hot-n-humid April, steamed and sweated over your studies, kept deadlines, submitted assignments, planned lessons, corrected homework, packed tiffin, helped with projects, waited in bus stops  – and EARNED a well-deserved summer vacation. The fruits of hard work are said to be sweet.

I hope you all enjoy a very happy summer vacation. See you in June!



5 responses to “Welcome Summer!

  1. Ya mam it’s really the greatest excitement which I too felt when I was in my schooldays …as I never missed the last n the first day of my school as it means a lot forme similarly my son too never missed as he shares a great fun time n bonding of friendship with all his mates …this should b enjoyed by each n every students as it never comes back.. Happy holidays you too mam …hope the kids will b back with new energy n enthusiasm after holidays …

  2. Dear Madam,
    Really it would be great to have time with children and take them out on trips which are to be planned in a better way as heat is so high that we should not make them fall ill in this summer.
    We want them to enjoy their vacations and come back to school with all strength and enthusiasm.
    But your post is really good for us parents to make some good plans for our children!
    Thanking you.

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