Rejoining School

Dear Students, Teachers and Parents

Welcome back to term-time after the summer break. I hope you have had a good holiday.  I especially hope that no student misses the first day of term. At our school, teaching-learning begins from the first day and carries on till the last, so that remaining absent (for any unavoidable reason) on first and last day of term will lead to a loss on the academic/curricular front. Another trait that we discourage, is remaining absent without informing school. An email or phone-call is only acceptable if you are out of town. Please do follow up a phone-call with a written leave-application for our records.

I would like to remind you that from 10 June 2013, all our circulars will be available only on the website. Only forms that require filling out will be printed at school and sent to you.

To make this process easier, I will upload all school circulars and notes from the class-teacher on my blog, as well as on the school website. The class teachers can ‘Press’ it on to their respective class blogs. You can download the document from your class blog, on to your personal computer at home, for your record. Please do not attempt to print these documents, so as to save paper.

In June, we look forward to celebrate Father’s Day with in-school visits from dads of Classes IV-V spending quality-time with their ward’s classmates, World Music Day with Inter-house Music Competitions and Special Assembly, Class Deco Competition and Senior school Election of Prefects.  The usual tests and graded activities for report cards will also be ‘continuous and comprehensive’ in all classes. There will be plenty to do, for one and all. So, let’s get started!


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