Dear Learners of Class IX & Parents

This DPST-CIR-04-13.14 is for you, with all details about how you will prepare for your examinations from now on, IN school. Please download and save it in your computer without printing. I would like to see a Comment from ALL of you, indicating that you have read this important document and that you will follow this plan from now on.



24 responses to “DPST-CIR-04-13.14

  1. Dear Ma’am,
    Thank you for deriving such a good solution for our children to study regularly and to listen carefully in the class.

  2. From Mr/Ms Boghawala
    I like your idea. It is good that they will check their answers by themselves so that they will come to know what is their mistake. By this this they will study regular.
    Thank you mam

  3. it is an excellent idea…..from this we can know our child’s improvement and it can help my child for day to day studies…..and i seek much more idea’s like this from your side for my child’s development.

  4. It is a better idea to utilize the exam practice period. We agree with Mr/Mrs.Kanakdande.
    The first two weeks will be stressful for our children but it will be easy for the revision and exams as it comes to a routine.
    Thank You for planning such a nice strategy for the improvement of our children
    From Mr/Mrs.Vankawala

  5. this a good idea, and will act as revision for the students. then they wont be able to leave everything for the last moment before the exams

  6. i think this is a very good idea. this will improve our children writing skills. by this they will also study and revise the lessons.

  7. It’s a good idea. Normally students just complete their homework but because of this they will learn along doing the homework which will help a lot in their exam preparations.
    Hope that this will make their learning easier than before.

  8. This is a great idea.it will help the students to revise more. So, then it will not be burdend for students during the examinations.
    We completely agree with your decision.

  9. This is a good idea. It can make our children more active and their writing skills will also improve.The best thing is that, they will always study.
    Thanking you

  10. Appreciate the very good initiative being implemented. The key given after the test will help the students to self assess and improve upon. I am sure students will put in extra efforts to excel every next time and their teachers will inspire them and make them do better than the last time.Please inspire the students to sustain this, month on month Hope Teachers give appropriate feedback by discussing typical examples of mistakes made by students so that self improvement is initiated to each one of them.

  11. It is a great idea as there will be continuous revision of all subjects. The best thing about this is that there will be writing practice which will be very beneficial during the exam time. This venture of yours is highly appreciated.

    Mr/Mrs. Parekh

  12. From Mr./Mrs. Hemlani
    I am agree with your suggestion. this will help children to improve their writing skills and they will be honest while checking the answers.

  13. Its an excellent idea of taking exams everyday. It’s very good desicion . This is completly benificial for our children .

  14. All your suggestions are being noted. The teachers will observe how the students are responding and make changes in the schedule after discussion.
    1. The Open book time is mid-way to ensure good preparation, so that students can write for at least 30 minutes without referring to any book/notes.
    2. These are ‘self-assessment’ – the Key uploaded will help Amardeep and others to understand what the correct answers should contain.
    3. The scrolling will be time-bound, ensuring good time-management in answering questions.
    Please post your suggestions/feedback as the sessions continue. These will be invaluable in guiding both students and teachers.

  15. I really appreciate the practice exams that are going to be conducted in school and also with Anish and Dhruvs Parents suggestions.Besides this I think corrections or the way the wrong answer was to be done could also be explained to Amardeep.
    Thanking Principle Mam and all the teachers for their initiative.
    Mr/Mrs. Batra

  16. From Mr/ Mrs. Parmar ,
    The decision that you have took for the students is really beneficial . In this way the students get the revision of what they have learnt in class.

  17. Really Appreciable & Beneficial decision for Students! I completely agree with Mr/Mrs Kanakdande’s suggestion.One more thing:let them either copy down all Questions before to avoid certain problems like scrolling up & down repeatedly or dictate all Questions before.
    Thanking You.

  18. From Mr/Mrs. Kanakdande,
    At the outset, we heartily support this initiative, for which we have been waiting for. We completely agree with the benefits of this initiative.
    We would like to suggest slight modification in the time allocation.
    If referring time is given immediately after displaying and viewing the questions, the doubts can be well clarified so students can get the practice of writing at a stretch which is expected in future exams.
    We are looking forward for the good outcome.

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