Happy Father’s Day

Dear Students

Please remember to wish your dearest fathers a Very Happy Father’s Day. You can make this day very special for your father by being an ideal child and doing everything to make him very happy. Come to think of it – are not grand-fathers also extra special fathers? Make it a special day for both your grand-fathers and your father.  It is easy to buy a gift for your father, but it is more special to share some time that will become an everlasting memory. Or, you can make him a card, writing in it all the reasons that make you love and admire him as an important person in your life. Here’s a story for you and your father/grand-father to share, while enjoying this day.



7 responses to “Happy Father’s Day

  1. Thank you DPS staff for such a wonderful story for Father’s Day. For we fathers no gifts is so worth than a smile on our children’s face and the smile is there when we can spare a quality time with them. I take this opportunity to wish all the fathers a happy Father’s Day..

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