Study Club

Dear Learners of Classes VI-IX

I think, a few of you feel stressed whenever you have to study. I have two solutions to that problem:

  1. Take regular and strenuous physical exercise. It will improve the blood-circulation and supply to the brain, making you feel much happier and stress-free.
  2. Solve the problem that is difficult NOW, without worrying about the test to come. This will stop you disliking study.

I have one further suggestion to help you cope with preparation for tests.

Start a Study Club with your own particular friends. In this club, you should set study targets and dates for completing work set. This does include homework, but should also include intensive reading for revision, learning grammar, memorising formula and equations, solving maths problems, writing question-answers, etc. I also suggest that you scribble new terms, difficult words, equations, etc. while reading/learning so that you remember them better.

The club rules can be:

  • Set study targets for all subjects.
  • Set targets for every week.
  • Set reasonable and realistic targets.
  • Compare targets met with your friends.

When you know that your friends are all studying, then you too will feel like completing your work, instead of wasting time. This is self-motivation for good study habits and efficient time-management.

Do let me know if you follow these suggestions, and whether they help you study better, without getting too tense about tests.



12 responses to “Study Club

  1. I liked the suggestion of some kind of physical activity. I will try to implement it. Thank you Ma’am for your advise!

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