Science in Multiple Ways

Dear Learners of Classes VI-IX

The other day, some of you from Class VII came to show me your very innovative electric door-mat. It would work very well – you could probably patent it. A door-mat that rings every time a visitor stands on it would do double duty as a door-bell. It is brilliant science, according to me. I am sorry, I did not think to take a photo – but I did ask you to write it up for your class blog – post still awaited.

Today, the Class IX students constructed edible plant and animal cells – combining theory and practice – and actually used their models for peer-teaching students in Classes VII and VIII. I was impressed by the fact that applying visual-spatial and physical-kinesthetic intelligences actually helped students to master difficult scientific terms and functions. Your teacher and I were comparing our own student days when we had to memorise these facts out of the textbook.

I think the comments of the ‘students’ on this post will provide feedback on the quality of the lesson by their ‘teachers’ of Class IX. I do know for a fact that students and teachers gobbled up the models after the lessons! Full of pride and admiration for their achievement, however, I preserved it for posterity here:

Cell Structure 1 Cell Structure 5 Cell Structure 2 Cell Structure 3 Cell Structure 4

You are certainly learning science for the right reasons and in the right ways. This is in reference to my earlier post on I want my kid to study science.



5 responses to “Science in Multiple Ways

  1. Ma’am this was one of the activity I liked the most (mostly because of the delicacies). It also made us come up with ideas to replace our cell organelles with the delicious food articles. I’ll be delighted to have another activity just like this one (especially my stomach).

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