Student Council Meet 27.07.13

Dear Learners, Teachers & Parents

We had our first Student Council Meet on Saturday, 27 July 2013. It was a very fruitful session. I am impressed by the ability of our student council to think deeply about a problem from all angles. Here are the ‘Minutes’ of the first meeting:

1. The Assembly Format needs to be modified, feedback from the Student Council is awaited on this.

2. The Events Calendar for August 2013 was discussed.

3.  Problems discussed:

a. Students often do not listen to the prefects when they try to discipline them.

Solution: Try addressing each student by name, in a friendly way, speak to them, do not order them. If there is complete or repeated disobedience, then, as a last resort, report the student to the principal. If the enquiry shows the complaint to be justified, then the disobedient student will be suspended.

b. School Maintenance and Hygiene: Some students are playing with the soap dispensers. Some others do not flush the toilet after use. There is a broken tap and some leaking flushes. There are mosquitoes only in the less used drama studio. The rest of the school is free from flies and mosquitoes though it is monsoon. There is a bee hive (as every year).

Solution: The principal has spoken to the maintenance department to mend the plumbing and ask the housekeeping to monitor students during their use of toilets. They will also remove the bee-hive over the next weekend. Less-used rooms will be aired every day.

c. The canteen has reduced the variety of items on the menu, and the quantity is a little less as well, compared to the initial trial period.

Solution: Mr. Naiker has spoken to the canteen providers about variety and quantity. They have been asked to post up the week’s menu every Monday, in the distribution area.

d. Some children are moving out to the ramp and the terrace with friends. This is not safe.

Solution: The ramp gates will remain locked except when required.

e. The prefect badge pins are coming off frequently.

Solution: The badge should immediately be handed over to Mr. Naiker for repair.

4. Bus-stop etiquette: Parents who miss the bus often try to drive in front of the bus and stop it mid-route.

Suggestion: Do not endanger the safety of the students on board the bus by causing an accident. Bring your ward to the last bus stop of the route. Or, if you are too late for that, bring your ward to school.

5. Friendship Day on 4 August: Should students be allowed to bring friendship bands for friends or wear them at school?

Suggestion: This can be a negative experience for students who have few friends or if they receive no bands. In consideration of this, the Student Council is agreed that no friendship bands should be brought to or worn at school. Bags, however, will not be checked, respecting privacy. This will also show that all students should learn to respect ‘trust’. It is expected that everyone will respect the rule without having their bags checked.

Remarks: The teachers and I were impressed by the observations and suggestions made by the Student Council. We enjoyed our interaction very much. We are looking forward to the next session on 24 August 2013.



8 responses to “Student Council Meet 27.07.13

  1. Thank you ma’am to address our problem to the students, and we will also try to improve ourselves so that students remain satisfied by us.

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