Dressing Up Differently

Dear Learners, Teachers and Parents of Pre-Nursery to Class II

As you know, on rare occasions our students come dressed in costumes other than their uniform to school. In a recent conversation, however, a parent pointed out that all children love fancy dress or just dressing up. The parent wished for more such opportunities.  The teachers have suggested that dressing up too frequently can become boring, instead of interesting. We will, however, increase the opportunity for our young learners to wear imaginative and theme-based costumes at school, keeping a few factors in mind:


The following factors should be the guiding principles for any fancy dress worn:

  1. The costume should help the student to learn something new.
  2. The costume should not be expensive or just for show. Recycling and innovation will be valued.
  3. This fancy-dress opportunity is optional. The student, however, has just two choices: (a) Wear the theme-based costume or (b) Wear uniform. Do not come in casual dress if you do not wish to wear fancy dress.
  4. The costume should be comfortable enough to wear all day at school and to travel by bus.
  5. Please prepare your ward to orally share information learnt through the costume.


There are a few upcoming themes, just now. So, for those of you who wish to join, let us celebrate learning through costume:

Monday, 5 August: Monsoon Dress

Wednesday, 7 August: Eid Dress

Friday, 16 August: Independence Dress

Monday, 19 August: Navroz Dress

Tuesday, 27 August: Janmashtami Dress

Friday, 30 August: Sports Dress

Please join the fancy dress without consideration of religion. We wish our students to celebrate, respect and learn about all religions.




23 responses to “Dressing Up Differently

  1. I really want to appreciate this activity.my ward is more excited than me. From this activity they will come to know the other festival which is not their own but they can enjoy those festival too. And thank you for becoming us active for the different ideas.
    Children are definitely enjoying mam .


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  5. Mam all the children will be looking so hand some and beautiful!
    Children will come dressed in fancy dress.

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  8. Our rich and heritage culture should be known to all our kids irrespective of one’s religion.A small intiative will surely broaden their vision towards that which will make them more familiar to it.

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  11. Thank you mam.. it will be really very good and innovative way of learning with fun.. thanks for response.. 🙂

  12. That’s really a good idea because our new generation has very confined thoughts about costumes..they will surely come to know about the variety and ri chness of our traditional clothing and my son would surely love to see me saree .

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