Know Your Body Language

Dear Students of Class V A

I enjoyed my session with you today and I hope, you did too. Let us quickly sum up what we learnt today:

  1. Emotions are natural – everyone has different emotions.
  2. Emotions can be read from a person’s body language, sometimes without words.
  3. Body language includes body posture and facial expression.
  4. It is important to know what a person is feeling, if you want to be friends or work as a team.

Here are some pictures on human body language. Study the people in these pictures. Do they feel the same emotion? Try to identify what each person may be feeling. You can discuss with your family:

Did you like discussing these pictures with your family? Did you agree on what each person is feeling?

Now here is your Homework until we meet next: Quietly and carefully study persons around you (family members, friends, teachers) and try to guess what they are feeling.

If you do your homework well, then when we next meet, you will be more sensitive to emotions seen in body language. Then, we will discuss what to do with good/bad, safe/unsafe or positive/negative emotions.




8 responses to “Know Your Body Language


  2. Mam ishaan told us to write some article for school magazine …so we wrote about buildind trust management which is lacking now a days in students …. So please give ur feed back ….thanks Rajnish sharma Shuchi sharma ..
    Ishaan sharma 3A

  3. Building and Managing Trust – to make an impact
    We always come across with many personalities in our life. Some of them mark their presence felt but not every one irrespective of impressive thoughts. Some of them are fancy speakers who can move the audience but some of them are simple but highly effective in their communication. What is a differentiator? Is it just because of mere communication skills ? We listen to the epode whom we Trust … It is imperative to win trust as without building trust one can’t make any impact on others . we should practice authentic speaking rather than just being a fancy speaker.
    This is very important in all aspects of our life irrespective of our profession. I believe understanding of value of trust must start at very nascent stage of ones life school level. You may find that great leaders like Gandhiji and Mandela were regarded by masses as people used to trust them. Students should be made aware at school level about importance of impacting positively by building trust. Like if you are a monitor of a class , your classmates should listen to you because of trust in you and certainly not due to fear of complain to teacher. These are the small things to adopt at school level to be a impactful person….
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