Avians and Homo Sapiens

Dear Classes IV A & B

I went to the Bird Hospital today – although I am not a bird, and not even sick!

My group members and I saw and discussed a lot of interesting things today. Here are pictures of what we discussed.

Please spend at least one period finding correct answers to my questions:

BirdH01 BirdH03 BirdH04 BirdH05 BirdH06 BirdH07 BirdH08 BirdH09 BirdH11 BirdH12 BirdH13 BirdH14 BirdH15 BirdH16 BirdH22 BirdH001

Here are two last questions:

  • What do you call a doctor for animals and birds?
  • What is the meaning of the title of this post?

Experiential learning happens like this – not only through pen and paper.





9 responses to “Avians and Homo Sapiens

  1. 1 Beauty without brutality.
    2 banyan and Neem tree
    3 Banyan leaf
    4 Neem and coconut tree.Gigger, Naman,Yug and Kavish
    5 These trees help people by giving fruits, shelter and medicines
    6 Catterpiller
    7 Catterpiller has eaten these leaf
    8 Hanging roots.They are strong and they holds the tree.Yug.

    Soyamveer and shoaib

  2. Respective, principal mam
    our answer of field trip are
    a1 beauty without brutality
    a2 creepers
    a3 banyan and coconut trees
    a4 gulmohar
    a5 neem and coconut tree
    a6 human being
    a7 shade
    a8 caterpillar
    a9 caterpillar ate it
    a10 hanging and arial roots
    a11 legs
    a12 nest
    a13 people who donut
    a14 click
    a15 parrot
    a16 to crack a nut
    a17 mouse,mice
    a18 tail,ears,legs
    a19 they are called rodents because they have other type of teeth. They knaw and eat.

    our experience was wonderful and we enjoyed it a lot.
    from class IV A.

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  6. I am really happy with school taking my son for birds hospital…such actions from school will help my son learn practical knowldge .. thank you to each teachers and principal madam for such initiative

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