Making history flow into the present

Dear Students

History is useful knowledge of the past, especially it it is applied to the present, for the benefit of a large number of people.

So, contrary to common student belief, history is not just mugging up useless dates and dead facts from the remote past to pass exams!

This post is about one such useful application of historical knowledge. Click on Traditional water harvesting systems in the Thar desert to see in operation, a scientific system of water conservation that is over 700 years old!

If you watch this video, you will understand how ancient systems of water harvesting have helped to provide water in the barren Thar Desert by the ingenuity and perseverance of Shri Anupam Mishra:

Isn’t it amazing how history can be brought back to the present and made to come alive?

Now, you have read a lot of history in your textbooks. Is there anything you have learnt, that you can apply in your own family or society, to improve present conditions or solve an existing problem? 

Let me have answers to this Historical Challenge in your Comments!



5 responses to “Making history flow into the present

  1. You must have read about him later but me as lover of history search and keep record of different historians. And I follow sir William as he is an English historian and had wrote about medieval period as said by you correctly. I liked the quote. It is admiring

  2. History is not only past but it’s about the important period of time too. Of course history is important for our present and also change our present. History let us know about what mistakes our ancestors made and we learn from them and move on. In there same way how do we know to what to eat and what not to, how the cultivation of crops are don, etc. this all things we know is because of history. I liked his post of your history because history is one of my most favourite subject. I admire historian William of malmesbury.

    • Good info, Shailley. But you couldn’t have read William of Malmesbury because he belonged to the 12th century – he wrote in medieval English! I read his work when I was studying for my MA in English.
      I once read a famous quote in Reader’s Digest – Those who don’t read history, repeat the errors of the past; those who do read history, find new ways to make the same mistakes!

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