About DPST Inkyfinga

This is the Literary Club of  DPS Surat and Tapi.  Here, we will discuss Reading, Writing, Authors and Poets. This site is for those of us who enjoy reading and/or writing as a hobby. It is getting increasingly difficult to find persons who favour reading as a hobby – we exist but we are on the protected list, if not yet a threatened species! Let me hasten to add, that we believe in reading and writing on digital gadgets as much as in print media. In fact, we bookworms can now carry our entire library in an iPad/tablet, not to mention rough drafts and notes , if we’re budding authors as well. No more agonising about the availability of a good library, since these are now just a button away from our fingertips. I hope you enjoy going through the site as much as we enjoy posting here.

DPST Inky Finga

P.S. If you’re wondering about the nom de plume (actually ‘inky finger’), it’s in fond memory of the gone-forever times when we cherished our fountain pens and had permanently ink-stained index fingers!