Read for fun and wisdom

Dear Students 

Let us  celebrate World Literacy Day, today by being thankful that we are literate and can read and write.  Stories are what we think of, next. First, we listen to stories (at bedtime or any other time) recounted by parents, grandparents and sometimes, even teachers.

Next, after learning to read, we read stories for ourselves.

Then, we are hooked – or at least, I was. How about you? Do you love to read?

Do you like prose or poetry, fiction or non-fiction, illustrated or plain text? A reader’s world is full of Nowadays, you have even more choices – printed books from the library or epub on Kindle and other iPad software?

Read on your iPad

Read on your iPad

Before I entered the iPad era, I used to have five-six books on my bedside table, as I would read them all together (at different times). But I faced great problems packing when I travelled. Clothes, I could cut down on, but I needed books to read. Now, I carry innumerable books on Kindle, Goodreader, iBooks and numerous other Apps on my iPad!

I really never understood the hot debate between print books and digital ones. I would be willing to read books even if they were written on floors, ceilings, buses, teacups, towels – you name it!

Love to read!

Love to read!

In fact, I’m so addicted to reading, I cannot go to sleep without reading. Sometimes, however – often, actually – reading also keeps me from sleeping, as I read until 2.00 am or 3.00 am in the morning!

Sleep or read?

Sleep or read?

Today, I would like to share some reading links with you. You can read yourself, or ask someone (mom/dad/sister/brother/grandparent) to read aloud to you.

Each link has a selection of many kinds of stories. So, this should keep you busy for a long, long, time.

Short Fables for Kids

Bedtime Reads

Choice Stories

More Stories for Kids

Katha Free Library (CBSE)

Plus Some Poems

Happy Bookworm

Happy Bookworm

So, children, read, read, read and become happy bookworms!

Sanjukta Sivakumar


Make Your Own Comic

Dear (Older) Learners

Below are two conversations. Read them. Now, select any one scenario and convert it into a short dialogue.  Get your friends or family members to enact the dialogues – and record it in snapshots (not videos). Remember to focus close-up on facial expressions and hand gestures. These are important where physical action is limited. Make a Comic Life page out of your snapshots and dialogues.

Scenario 1: Ramesh asks his mother, Vani whether she will give him her iPhone if it falls on the floor and cracks. Vani is worried and asks her son, Ramesh where her iPhone is. She is worried that something has happened to it. Ramesh says the phone is in his room and his mother asks him to get it. Instead of fetching it, Ramesh assures Vani that her phone is all right. Vani accuses Ramesh of lying and threatens to punish him if anything has happened to her phone. Ramesh insists that he is not lying, her phone is o.k. and he is just curious to know what happens if something breaks. Next, Ramesh asks if they can buy a new TV if the one in the bedroom falls and breaks. His mother anxiously enquires if something is wrong with their TV. Ramesh replies that something is wrong with the TV – but at least, her iPhone is all right. 

Scenario 2: Jagdish is relaxing with the Sunday newspaper on his living room couch, when a loud crash disturbs him. He gets up, looks out of the window and exclaims angrily to see his car windshield cracked by a cricket ball. His son Vicky and his friend Mittu are the culprits. They apologise. Jagdish reminds them that he has told them to play in the park and not in the building complex. Last week, they broke another windshield and Jagdish paid for it. He is furious and tells them to stop playing. Vicky says their Sunday will be ruined. Mittu says his parents are out and he has nowhere to go. Jagdish asks both Vicky and Mittu to come in and do something indoors. They obey and begin playing a loud 2-player video game in the living room. They make so much noise, that Jagdish realises he cannot read his paper and his Sunday is spoilt. He groans that you just can’t win an argument with kids today. 

  • This is your MI-RBT Grammar challenge! You can script the dialogue, click the snapshots and create the Comic entirely on an iPad.
  • How good are your Verbal-linguistic, Visual-spatial and Interpersonal Intelligences?
  • Can you Apply your Knowledge?