Reader’s Corner

Dear Students

This post is for fellow Readers and book-worms. It’s always great to discover persons who share the same hobby.

Reading Companions

Reading Companions

Let me share some online Book Club Links with you, where you can find out the best books to buy online for children.

You can share these sites with parents, grandparents and others who buy you gifts!

  1. Children’s Book-of-the-Month Club
  2. Early Moments
  3. Red House Children’s Books
  4. Scholastic Book Club
  5. Mindworth

Have you ever tried to make your own book? It can be great fun to try and write your first book!

Here is someone quite small who reads aloud how to write your own picture book. The reading is very fluent, even if some letters like ‘r’ and ‘t’ are slurred. Watch and learn how to write your own picture book:

Now, here’s the challenge. Write an autobiography (story of your own life, up to now) with picture illustrations.

Don’t forget to email me your book. Looking forward to reading your life-story!

Sanjukta Sivakumar


Favourite Reads

Dear Students

At my age, it is difficult to have a “favourite book” because there are so many books I have read, enjoyed in different ways, and would like to read again, some day. Some of my “favourite reads” are tragic and some comic, and include novels, poems, travelogues, essays and plays. I also read a lot of non-fiction in various subjects, because it helps me learn more about the various branches of human knowledge.

Today, I would like to share two classics by Jack London and one by Rudyard Kipling that I read in my school library when I was your age, and would still enjoy re-reading today.

You can download these free e-books by clicking on the links below and selecting a version compatible with your iPad/tablet/computer:

White Fang

white fang

The Call of the Wild

Call of the Wild


The Jungle Book



I would love to know what books and authors you enjoy reading. Do mention the titles and authors of your favourite books in your Comments.

Happy reading!

Sanjukta Sivakumar 

(DPST Inky Finga)

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Gene Drives!

Dear (Older) Learners


This is another exciting interface between the digital and the organic. Beyond your present modes of data storage, scientists have already progressed to the next futuristic imitation of Nature: DNA for data storage.
Read this ARTICLE.

Next, one more Reading Challenge for you. Let us see who is the first to find out more on this topic and post it in Comments.

This is an MI-RBT Task exercising your Extensive Reading Skills in Verbal-linguistic Intelligence and taking your Thinking Skills up to the Analysis level of the RBT pyramid.

With your final exams coming up – you are all, no doubt, more focussed on Intensive Reading, at present. But do not forget – there is a Universe of Discovery in the Global Classroom out there  that waits for no exams! Keep reading to know more!

eBooks versus the REAL Book

There is this ongoing intermittent debate (I really don’t see the point of it) on whether the paper-printed books are better than eBooks. This debate is usually the favourite of paper-book readers who love the ‘feel’ of a ‘real’ book in their hands and think that the ‘virtual’ can’t ever beat the ‘real’. eBook readers have stopped arguing with diehard paper-book readers. But here’s another last try.
I have a library of books that takes up more than one whole room and it was spilling over into the rest of my life like some horrific sci-fi situation, till the iPad entered my life. Now, life is under control with Kindle, iBooks and a host of other Apps-Libraries. My books are with me wherever I go. This convenience outweighs the concerns voiced those who love hard-cover or paperback publications. The debate is pointless.
I have more to say on paper-print books. 
Have you noticed the quality of paper publishers use today?
The books I bought only 2-3 years back (from reputed publishers) have pages yellowing, coming loose from their binding, tearing, fraying, crumbling and disintegrating. A second horrific, sci-fi situ come to life! Compare this with books of my parents’ generation, still sitting decently on the shelf and ageing gracefully, a pleasure to read and re-read.  
Also, think of the forests demolished to create books with better paper quality. I do not know the limitations to virtual space – but real space is getting rapidly occupied, crowding up our lives. This leaves us with much less space to live, stretch or simply breathe in.  Think of this going on endlessly! Our junk is already overflowing into space – where will it all end?
Whew! Back to my e-books with relief. I turn the pages, hilit in colour, scribble notes, page mark on the corners – without any eyebrows being raised.  Moreover, I can also into a comfy chair or tuck myself into bed at the end of a long, tiring day with my iPad for a good read. So, it’s e-books for me any day – for as long as my bank balance is with me on this! 


Food for Thought

Dear DPST Class VIII 2012-13

This post is specially for you. You have, at different times and in the name of science, treated me to delicious chocolate ‘earthworms’ and ‘soil-profile’. I came across  a fairly simple recipe for Chocolate Logs recently, which, I hope, you will prepare for your family with your usual enthusiasm. 
I think, you must get pretty hungry at certain times in the day. Here is another fairly simple Tomato Rice for you to try out in the kitchen (with parental assistance). 

Cooking is a good stress-buster, if you don’t attempt recipes that are too complicated for you. Also, remember to clean up (kitchen counter and utensils) after you cook – don’t leave it to your poor mom or cook! 

Meanwhile, both the above recipes also constitute an MI-RBT Task for you. While performing these, you will be exercising your :

  1. Reading and Listening Skills (reading and listening to instructions to understand them)
  2. Physical-kinesthetic Intelligence (managing utensils and ingredients)
  3. Verbal-linguistic Intelligence (translating verbal instructions into action) 
  4. Logical-mathematical Intelligences (calculating sequences, quantities and proportions).
  5. You will achieve the Application level of the RBT pyramid of thinking skills (learning by applying what you know) if your perform well.

Do let me know in Comments if you enjoyed preparing (and eating) these dishes for your family. Did you score 5/5 in the above MI-RBT?